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L'enfer d'un monde

Welcome to the pros

If you are interested in exploring human violence and the hope of overcoming it, then "The Hell of a World" is the show for you! With its powerful and moving choreography, this piece will take you deep into these themes and invite you to reflect on your own life and the world around you.
In addition, Nicolas has focused on inclusion and non-discrimination of gender, making this piece even more important and relevant for our times. If you are looking for a passionate and enriching artistic experience, don't miss "The Hell of a World"!
Performers - Creators: Claire Campbell, Chantal Carrier, Émilie Demers, Amandine Garrido, Catherine Wilson, Nicolas Zemmour
Dramaturge, Concept Advisor: Marc Berger
Composer: Simon Leoza
Lighting Design: Benoit Brault
Dramaturge, External Eye: Art Babayants
Creation Assistant: Émilie Garetier
Artistic Director & Choreographer: Nicolas Zemmour
Set and Costume Design: ZemmourBallet
World Premiere on SATURDAY, August 20, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at Lac des Nations for the Sherbrooke Contemporary Dance Festival.
entretien artistique nicolas zemmour sur l enfer d un monde
entretien nicolas zemmour tele quebec
entretien artistique nicolas zemmour tele quebec

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