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Our history

In the year 2019, in the heart of the beautiful city of Sherbrooke, in the valley beyond Mont Orford, the ZemmourBallet dance company was born in the firmament of contemporary dance. Founded by the ardent dance enthusiast Nicolas, this artistic troupe, this ballet, saw the light of day on October 19 of that memorable year.


Nicolas had a bold vision, and he wanted to share it with the public. His dream was not only to create his own work, but also to present the creations of other choreographers. From that day on, ZemmourBallet rose like a phoenix of creativity, with the primary mission of spreading the art of dance, both through the original works of its founder and through those of other choreographers.


Since its birth, the ZemmourBallet dance company has anchored itself in the charming city of Sherbrooke, striving to make dance shine through its innovative choreography, and its commitment to the dissemination of dance.


Like a light feather carried by the wind, the ZemmourBallet dance company has made its mark on the history of dance in Quebec, establishing Sherbrooke as a dance destination not to be missed.

Our Team


Our goal is to create and present dance performances that are rich and accessible to the general public, while promoting the development of dance in the Estrie region through services provided to artists.


We aspire to become a leader in innovation and excellence in dance, offering unique artistic experiences that touch the hearts and minds of the audience.


Excellence - Integrity - Accessibility


Registered Charity (OBE): A registered charity and private foundation.

Non-Profit Organization (OBNL): A non-profit organization.

Permanent Resident Company at the Jean Besré Performing Arts Center.

Cultural Organization of the City of Sherbrooke.


Nicolas Zemmour


Marc Zemmour

Vice President

Joannie Roberge


Josiane Levy


Diane Dubé


Kevin Zemmour


Melanie Lalande


A board of directors is a decision-making body within an organization, made up of elected or appointed members who are responsible for the management and direction of the organization. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the main lines of the organization's policy and overseeing its management.

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