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This work of art is more than just a performance, it's a civic act. By shedding light on domestic violence, it raises awareness of a crucial social problem, and invites spectators to reflect on their own role in combating it. To attend this show is to commit to witnessing and feeling concerned by these problems, and to take a stand for a fairer, more egalitarian society. With its powerful and moving choreography, this piece will plunge you into the depths of these themes and invite you to reflect on your own life and the world around you. On top of this, Nicolas has emphasized inclusivity and gender non-discrimination, making this piece even more important and relevant to our times. If you're looking for an exciting and rewarding artistic experience, don't miss "L'enfer d'un monde"! Cast Performers - Creators : Claire Campbell, Chantal Carrier, Émilie Demers, Amandine Garrido, Catherine Wilson, Nicolas Zemmour Playwright, conceptual advisor: Marc Berger Composer: Simon Leoza Lighting design: Benoit Brault Dramaturg, External Eye: Art Babayants Creative assistant: Émilie Garetier Artistic director & choreographer: Nicolas Zemmour Set and costume design: ZemmourBallet World premiere on SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2022 at 8:00 pm at Lac des Nations for the Festival de Danse Contemporaine de Sherbrooke.

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