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Tarot is an esoteric game that dates back to antiquity and is based on the myths and experiences of each individual. It offers the infinite poetry necessary for our multiple rebirths. By meditating on the Bateleur arcana, Nicolas embarks on an inner journey to understand our deepest selves. In this creation, Nicolas observes that the world is losing its humanity, and choreographs love and sharing, solitude, joy and the responsibility of taking charge of our freedom in a world that can be so foreign. If you're interested in esotericism and exploring your inner self, don't miss "Lemniscate", a unique artistic experience! Distribution: Choreography Nicolas Zemmour Performance Elise Legrand Amandine Garrido Nicolas Zemmour Music Mix ZemmourBallet Original Texts Nicolas Zemmour Lighting Andréanne Deschenes Conceptual Advisor Marc Berger Producer ZemmourBallet Premiere April 3, 2021

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