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An artistic residency is a scheme to support the creation and dissemination of artistic projects. The aim is to provide professional artists with a space in which to work and create, enabling them to develop their projects in the best possible conditions:

Artistic support (20h) consists of assistance with the creation and realization of an artistic project. This can take the form of advice, contacts with industry professionals, constructive criticism, etc. Administrative support (20h) aims to help artists manage the administrative aspects of their project, such as writing dossiers, managing budgets, etc. Subsidy support (10h) consists of help in finding and applying for subsidies from various organizations to finance the artistic project.

Studio space (unlimited during the residency) is a work space dedicated to creation and training for artists. The production studio (maximum 1 week) gives artists a space dedicated to the realization of their project, with the necessary equipment (lights, sound, etc.). The bursary provides financial assistance to support artists in their creation and dissemination projects.

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Daily practice is essential for any professional dancer wishing to achieve a high level of mastery and maintain optimum physical fitness. That's why we offer daily dance technique practice sessions, free of charge and without registration or reservation, open to all professionals. You'll find here the compulsory form to become a volunteer at ZemmourBallet to be able to come and do the practices, and you'll find here the calendar.


If you're a professional dancer, don't hesitate to join us for our daily practice sessions. We look forward to practicing with you and hope to see you at ZemmourBallet auditions.

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ZemmourBallet podcasts talk about dance and dozens of artists talk about their creativity....

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The book explores the creative process in dance and proposes a new didactic approach to this living art form. The method proposed includes three types of creation: formal creation, sensible creation and emotional creation. This book will guide you as you refine your artistic signature and unleash your talent.
It includes pedagogical objectives to guide the choreographer through the creative process, theoretical texts to provide keys to creation, and QR codes to visualize examples of dance in action. Whether through meaning, form or emotion, choreography can nourish the life of both choreographer and spectator.

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ZemmourBallet is proud to present the digital art kit for the dance show L'enfer d'un monde. This show is an unforgettable experience that deals with domestic violence. We know that domestic violence is a serious and pervasive problem in our society, and that's why we've created this innovative medium to help raise community awareness of this important issue.


This digital kit offers a unique experience that combines the art of dance with a deep and moving story. In a two-hour workshop, viewers are transported to another world, but also inspired by the hope and resilience of breaking free from this toxic grip.

Our goal is to raise awareness of this issue and give people the tools they need to help prevent and combat domestic violence in their communities. We believe this digital kit can help achieve this goal by providing an educational and emotional experience that will resonate with the public.


The cost of the digital kit is $500. This represents a valuable investment for community organizations wishing to raise awareness of this important issue. We are convinced that the digital kit is a worthwhile investment for all those seeking to make a difference in the fight against domestic violence.

This 2-hour art kit contains: 


- Downloadable poster 

- Presentation text 

- The cast of the show

- A link to the choreographic process book 

- A 2-minute 45-second trailer

- A 7-minute video of an artistic interview with the choreographer

- The complete recording of the show, 1h20 minutes

- Examples of questions the speaker can ask to launch a discussion with the audience. 

- The ZemmourBallet team can also come and lead a discussion. 



All in all, this artistic digital kit is an innovative medium that offers a unique experience in raising awareness of the issue of domestic violence. We hope you can share this experience with your community to help prevent and combat this serious problem.


To purchase this kit, please contact us and we'll send you the link code to the fully digitized digital kit.

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