Nicolas Zemmour is born in 1987. He goes out qualified of the Conservatorium Superior of Avignon in 2007.Having obtained his diploma, he decides to learn the contemporary dance.For that purpose, he joins for one year the school of Folkwang Hochschule Essen to learn the technique of Pina Bausch.

After that, he joins the Ballet Preljocaj in 2009.Within the Ballet Preljocaj, he participates in the collaboration with Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow.Meanwhile, he realizes his passion for the choreography and created 4 choreographies.

        He obtains a diploma of professor's state of dance in 2014.

He leaves the Ballet Preljocaj in October, 2015 to dedicate itself to his projects.

        He bases the ZEMMOURBALLET in 2017 with his international creation with Theater of Luxembourg and France The breaking of the vessels.

        Meanwhile creating with the company, Nicolas teaches since 2018 in the Conservatorium Superior of Avignon.

In 2019,  he emigrate from France and immigrate in Sherbrooke where he transfers his company. His implantation become solid thought the CASJB and the city of Sherbrooke that give the company the opportunity to have a year of residency in 2020 in CASJB. In January 2020 he becomes Ballet teacher at CEGEP of Sherbrooke.