Think about futur


what world

What world do you want for the following generations ?  Art is what for we fight so hard.


what life

Our lifes are becomming longer and longer. We'll have to fill them with art.

Amis souriants

what sharing

We are sharing a unique and multi-cultural world,  thanks to you and your participation.


Act for Art

mains tenant


Our action become your action and together we will change this world for a better one.



Your reactivity give a lot of fruits and allows our reactivity and creativity.



Admire your participation through performences, classes, talks and art festivals.


Show your generosity

Bureau d'une blogueuse

On internet

Your name, logo will be in our list of sponsorship (if you wish of course) Your name, logo may also be on our digital platforms and social networks.

Pli de papier

During shows

During shows, your name, logo will be highlighted on programs and cultural advertisements.


Your image

We will allow you the free use of our logo and name so that you can distribute your investment in our company on your own platforms.


Help and receive in return

Bons romantiques

In kind

We will offer you free seats and many other delights.

Boisson de réception

In happiness

We will allow you to meet the artistic team in private cocktails and behind the scenes.

Cours de danse

In knowledge

We will organize, together, dance classes for you and your loved ones.


Give and be partner

Les hommes avec calculatrice


ZemmourBallet is a non-profit organization based in Canada.



Our platform is easy and protected:


présentation de la main

You are partner

We thank you very much for your generosity and hope to meet you very soon. The team will get back to you very soon.

Kévin Zemmour
François Gourdeau
Camille Rondeau
Lilie Bergeron
Noura Mebtouche
Anne-Laure Paquet