Presentation evening of the company, language French

    ZemmourBallet is a  dance company in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada.

To its repertoire, solos, quatuors, duets and ensemble.


  ZemmourBallet dance all through emotion. To embody spiritual in a sensitive body so that everyone can escape in the present ∙ Through visible metaphors Zemmourballet allows you to travel with him.

    His first four draft-creations were for Nicolas Zemmour, the opportunity to reflect on the type of choreographer he wants to be. Death by chaos, the sorcerer's apprentice, Roule Corinth and Bro enabled him to start communicating with himself - body and spirit - without trying to resemble someone else, to define himself in a personal scenario.

To question his ability to convey and share with others his conceptions, his emotions, a poetic view. It was also a way to see how his dance could enter and pass through other people's bodies, how it was recognized in them.

  For Nicolas Zemmour, dancing is an essential scene for "emotion", a word which means something special for him. He returns to the words' origins: ex-motion, that which is outside of the movement, outside and beyond the time and space which is to dance. In other words, roaming through time and space must lead somewhere, beyond the tale, beyond one meaning, beyond one rational comprehensive explanation, within a poetic bubble.

  Genuinely, he imagines, challenges and examines concepts, but his rôle is not to impose their realities, the points of view and lessons to the audience. During his creative phase, he allows himself to go through a certain dementia, declination, of free association which lead him elsewhere.

  He transcends all of this in his dance, he infuses it, thanks to his body-tool, he "trans-mits" it, eager to put his audience in a secondary state of intense receptiveness. In pursuit of this, he requires of his dancers a technique of extreme perfection.

  The extra-ordinary must be obvious, when liberated from the weight of gravity.

Text from Stéphane Gilbart, translated by Alexis Del Sale